SDS Authoring Software

When creating an official SDS that will be distributed via SDS software, it is critical that those who are responsible for SDS services follow the standardized document format. This format ensures that all information deemed essential to understanding a chemical and the potential hazard it presents is provided on one easily referenced sheet. SDSs must be generated to include sixteen specific points of information that list necessary details on chemical makeup, typical uses, known health, and physical hazards, and how to react to a spill or an exposure in various ways.

Safety data sheets are standardized informational guides providing important details about classified hazardous chemicals and harmful substances. When these sheets are created so they can be conveniently printed out by SDS software and easily distributed, they must contain some specific information as mandated by regulatory bodies across the world. Whether a company generates this data itself or works with SDS services to create appropriate SDS documentation, the information provided plays an important role in promoting workplace and environmental health and safety.

For companies to understand the scope of the information required on safety data sheets, it is essential to understand their purpose. The purpose of these sheets is to provide specific information about certain chemical products that relay to those industrial users the extent of hazard a chemical may be and the types of injuries or physical harm it can cause. Businesses that use hazardous chemicals in various applications use safety data sheets as a basis for employee education about the potential risks they face and develop appropriate safety protocols to prevent injuries caused by hazardous chemical products.

Required information includes such specifics as chemical classification, regulatory information and hazard identification, ingredients, properties and reactivity, toxicology, proper use and storage, and safe transportation methods. They must also include information about first aid treatment after exposure, fire-fighting techniques, environmental spill clean-up measures, and personal protection measures.

Lisam’s software solutions - ExESS® and content enable the efficient and effective management of materials information relating to regulatory compliance, hazard communication, environmental reporting, and inventory management throughout every phase of your product life cycle.

Lisam Systems helps chemical and process manufacturers stay ahead of the competition and comply with ever-changing regulations. Its solutions and content, enable the efficient and effective management of all materials information relating to regulatory compliance, hazard communication, environmental reporting, and inventory management through every phase of your product life cycle.

Lisam Systems’ system for SDS Authoring Software is ExESS®, a software package that entirely integrates all necessary administrative terminology and release material.

Our SDS Authoring Software helps to make it simple to describe the chemical contents and probable repercussions of using your product in such a way that would properly uphold the latest rules. Additional benefits include:

  • Multilingual document generation and operator interfaces!
  • The use of Microsoft.NET framework which is known for having versatility and growth potential!
  • Efficient authoring, administration, and delivery of SDS!
  • Exact documentation and surveillance of material amount!
  • Safety Cards incorporating guidelines for present-day work places!
  • Conformant labelling creation!

Just as you can perceive, Lisam Systems is excellent at supplying the vital tools, paperwork handling, and instruction including SDS Authoring Software to businesses which are required to satisfy state and national regulatory prerequisites like CLP, REACH, and GHS. Avoid being caught unaware - let Lisam Systems supply your company with the SDS Authoring Software you require to become within guidelines!