ExESS Software Features

ExESS® provides users a comprehensive and globally compliant solution for the authoring and distribution of safety data sheets. Built on flexible and scalable Microsoft .NET technology, ExESS is user friendly and can be installed on single workstations, over worldwide corporate networks or accessed and used via the cloud.

ExESS SDS template formats as of version 15.1:

The current available regions are: UN, EU, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Brazil, China, US, Mexico, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, Malaysia.

GHS classification calculators in ExESS version 15.1:

Available for the following countries and their directives: CLP, UN, EU, United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore.

Regulatory Rule Sets

The calculators and rule sets provided by Lisam include:

  • GHS substance and preparation classification calculators for the EU GHS/CLP/DPD, GHS for UN, US, Japan, South Korea, in the USA and Canada, the OSHA and ANSI guidelines, etc. Transportation classifications include; ADR/RID/ADN, DOT, ICAO, IMDG, UN RTDG, RES420 Regulation.

In addition, country specific classifications such as the Austrian, VbF, the German; BetrSichV, Störfallverordnung and WGK, VOCs for EU, US and Swiss VOCV as well as Danish MAL and the US; NFPA and HMIS ratings are also provided in ExESS. Further, Lisam provides occupational exposure limit values and caters for biological limit values, SEVESO etc.

On Screen Classification Analysis
  • The ExESS classification view allows users to review the actual calculation and data (including source) used to come to a final classification result.
Document Templates
  • A wide range of multilingual templates are available: M/SDS documents (fully compliant with ANSI Z400.1-2010, REACH Annex II, and GHS/JIS for Japan, South Korea etc.), Labels, Safety Instruction Cards.
  • ExESS also has a very flexible, user-friendly report layout designer and template editor which allows creation of new and modified report templates and the built-in MS Word and MS Excel report template generator caters for both individual (single) and batch (bulk) reporting.
Phrase & Pictogram Libraries
  • ExESS contains more than 14,000 pre-defined Lisam phrases and text-snippets, and over 6000 Lisam and industry validated phrases translated into almost 50 languages. Lisam`s libraries also contain more than 500 pictograms. Lisam offers fully integrated third-party phrase license options for SDS (MSDS) and eSDS in up to 30 languages and the ability to easily import and use the clients own phrase library.
  • Flexible, simple, and scalable data import and export functions for phrases, data and templates (XML, txt, Excel, etc.).
Data Management

Many features are available in ExESS to ensure efficient data handling and management. These include:

  • Input screens to streamline SDS (MSDS) authoring and management.
  • Over 300 predefined property fields with the ability to add new/edit existing fields
  • Over 100 predefined family products
  • User-friendly Application Designer to modify existing properties and screens and create new ones; Scripting in each property field for total flexibility and control
  • Data gap analysis and intelligent Google SEARCH functions
Family Data Inheritance
  • Flexible product setup and management allows users the options to copy or inherit product family data; inherited product data is automatically updated when the product family is updated. Copied product data remains unchanged when the source changes.
Change Tracking
  • Full audit log/tracking user changes down to field level
  • Automated versioning with major and minor change management and automatic re-numbering of document versions; detailed and automated version change tracking.
Automated Messaging/Warnings
  • Missing translations, mismatched classifications and many other warning and error messages guide user in SDS (MSDS) authoring process.
Document Distribution

Lisam`s PUBLICHEM® module, provides ExESS users, a complete regulatory document management functionalities including; circulation, updating and distribution of your safety documents with electronic records for all activity. Web-based interface is also available.