Regulatory Content

Your Choice of Integrated Regulatory Content Providers

Lisam Systems offers a wide variety of cost effective, integrated regulatory content options, such as Lisam’s OEL lists, EU GHS and REACH libraries, and US State/Federal lists. One key differentiator is that Lisam also offers clients their choice of fully integrated third party regional libraries, including BIG for the EU, JCDB for Japan, SRICI for China, or ChemADVISOR’s LOLI® for global content. All options include automated “push button” content updates.

Customers can benefit from simply using Lisam’s regulatory lists and phrase libraries, or may choose to license additional, fully integrated third party libraries. Many types of options and combinations are available. Regulatory content strategies can also be assessed annually, or as your business needs and requirements change.

Visit our Partners page to learn more about our regulatory content partners who help us to offer a range of choices to our customers.