Detergent Compliance Solution

Lisam’s solution automates production of your ingredient labels (IL)and data sheets (IDS) Global compliance for detergents is easier than ever before.

European legislation on detergents has been in place since 2005 and covers the manufacturing, sale and use of detergents throughout the EU. All those responsible for placing a detergent or a surfactant for a detergent on the market or exporting from North America must comply with this regulation, which is routinely updated.

ExESS® Detergents Module

The ExESS® solution offers a specialized module for the detergents industry that readily integrates the regulatory lists, report templates and certificates that have been established by the major detergents industry associations in the EU.

ExESS® can generate Ingredient Labels as well as Ingredient Data Sheets, while leveraging the most recent NVZ regulatory data.

Ingredient Data can also be uploaded from the NVZ list, which makes producing the documentation for detergents—and remaining in compliance with Regulation (EC) No 648/2004, Annex VII—a much simpler process.

Module Features and Functionality:
  • Generates regulatory documentation such as Ingredient Data Sheets and Ingredient Labels
  • Performs product and raw material batch tracking with QC Analysis and Inventory Tracking
  • Integrates with the NVZ database
  • Multi-source basis for labeling: NVZ database, CAS number, GHS information, INCI name, Ingredient Type
  • List of allergens, identified by the EU SCCS
Main reports/views:
  • Specific Ingredient Label (IL) layouts
  • Allergens report
  • Ingredient Data Sheets (IDS)
  • Ingredient Labels
  • Medical Data Sheets
  • Consumer Data Sheets
Substances databases:
  • NVZ list of substances
  • INCI list
  • IFRA substances database
  • CosIng
  • Other ExESS® substance databases