FRAGRANCE Compliance Solution

Lisam Systems offers an unparalleled compliance solution for the fragrance industry to generate reports, labels and IFRA certificates.

Fragrances are subject to an international legislative and regulatory environment that affects every part of manufacturing and the supply chain. The IFRA is a global association that represents world-leading fragrance makers. It sets standards for safe use and manufacture of fragrance materials, and directs a code of practice to further consumer safety and environmental protection.

Lisam Systems' collaboration and relationship with the IFRA ensures that the latest information and guidelines are always updated for ongoing compliance with the IFRA 47th amendment and the IFRA standards.

ExESS® IFRA Module

The ExESS solution offers a specialized module for the fragrances industry that easily integrates the regulatory lists, report templates and certificates established by IFRA.

Lisam’s ExESS IFRA Fragrances Module enables a status assessment that performs calculations using integrated fragrance data. The software performs IFRA Matching at substance level and mixture level, using CAS number and presents a calculated table and a calculated maximum usage level per class. It calculates IFRA Batch Calculation by product, and keeps users updated on the latest IFRA standards.

Once the formulation is complete the system generates detailed reports, leaflets, labels, allergen reports and issues official IFRA Certificates.

Features and Functionality:
  • Creates and manages IFRA Certificates
  • Provides customizable, traceable ingredient and fragrance status
  • Generates regulatory documentation such as SDS and labels
  • Performs Product and raw material batch tracking with QC Analysis, Inventory tracking
  • Integrates with IFRA database
  • List of allergens (EU)
  • CosIng 2 database (European Commission)
  • List of forbidden and restricted substances
  • List of authorized colorants, preservatives and UV filters
  • Lists substances with a composition and (a) CAS number(s) that can contain IFRA standards according to IFRA Annex 1
  • Performs IFRA Matching at substance level, if no matches, IFRA substance families which do not have an associated CAS# will be displayed
  • Calculates and performs matching at mixture level, presents a calculated table and a calculated maximum usage level per class
  • Performs IFRA Batch Calculation by product
  • Offers users the ability to see the latest updates and product warnings
Main Reports:
  • Specific ingredient label layouts (IL)
  • Technical report
  • Allergens report
  • Ingredient data sheet (IDS)
  • IFRA certificates
  • Ingredient labels
Substances Databases:
  • NVZ list of substances
  • IFRA substances database
  • INCI list