Industrial & Specialty Gases

Gas and Specialty Gas Compliance Solution

End-to end Safety Data Sheet solution for industrial & specialty gases in compliance with EIGA, CGA and GHS.

Lisam’s ExESS® Gas Classification Module (GCM) specifically addresses the gas classification compliance requirements of GHS. The ExESS® GCM was developed in close partnership with the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA). As a member of and collaborator with global associations such as the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) and EIGA, Lisam offers outstanding global compliance technology for the industrial and specialty gas industry.

Over sixty major clients, including Praxair and Air Liquide, are using the Lisam ExESS GCM in North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, South East Asia, Russia, China, Turkey, and Australia.

ExESS Gas Classification Module (GCM)

The GCM leverages Lisam’s compliance management solution, ExESS®: an automated safety data sheet (SDS) content builder that simplifies the creation of documents for gas mixtures. It enables companies within the industrial and specialty gases industry to comply with the latest EIGA standards, as well as with current EU regulations.

The ExESS/EIGA Gas Classification Module for GHS allows users to create a fully compliant SDS for a gas by leveraging built-in processes to:
  • Build a composition effortlessly
  • Calculate the DPD/CLP classification and transport profile of a mixture automatically with the integrated Gas Calculation Module (GCM)
  • Use the “Apply Blocks” function to integrate pertinent EIGA and CGA-approved content within all sections of an SDS
  • Generate SDS reports and labels automatically
  • Import and export data with ease
Standard features of this module:
  • EIGA and CGA-approved SDS for 150 pure gases
  • Classification and labeling information for 300 pure substances
  • Library of 600 phrases common to gases, in over 20 languages
  • ADR / IATA / IMDG dangerous goods lists
  • Prints labels directly from ExESS, including “banana” labels for the Compressed Gas Industry