SafetyNet, the Latest Technologies in the Service of the Compliance Industry

Safetynet is the first Platform dedicated to helping the chemical compliance industry reach their regulatory targets through the development of various applications with extended capabilities.

Our SafetyNet Solutions


From supplier to downstream user, automatically distribute and dynamically manage all your safety documents.


Organize and easily retrieve all your regulatory data from a single place thanks to our collaborative data platform.

Chemical Management

Track and manage the storage of your hazardous substances and chemical equipment.


Manage your employees' data all the while complying with the latest EU data protection regulation.

ISO 9001-2015

Reach your quality management compliance targets and pass your audits in a breeze with our ISO 9001 app!

HR onboarding

Keep track of all the ongoing HR processes within your company and make sure the newly hired staff gets all the information they need effortlessly

Coming soon

Our team is always working on complimentary applications. Do you want additional information on our plans? Contact us:

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    Workplace Safety

    Organize and store all the workplace safety procedures of your company thanks to our Workplace Safety application. Also ensure the best emergency response time through the use of our user-friendly interface and advanced report functionalities.

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    Equipment Certification

    Manage all your legal obligations from one place with our Equipment Certification application. Follow up on the specific processes and anticipate the legally binding aspects of your business.

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    SDS Wizard

    Lisam’s SDS Wizard will help you to build a fully compliant SDS for your mixtures in a few clicks by automatically retrieving data from our wide database of products and raw properties.

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    Invoice Tracker

    Lisam's ERP integratable Invoice Tracker will help automatically distribute and manage all your customers invoices from first orders to reminders!