SDS Solutions Overview

Lisam’s enterprise-wide solution, ExESS®, creates, manages and distributes GHS-compliant safety data sheets (SDS) and labels for all major commercial markets. It leverages fully integrated regulatory phrase and transportation content libraries, in almost 50 languages. Built on flexible and scalable Microsoft .NET technology, ExESS delivers a global, user-friendly, customizable SDS authoring and distribution platform with multilingual user interfaces, and offers multilingual document generation.

ExESS offers integrated modular solutions for:

  • Authoring, management and distribution of SDS Safety Data Sheets
  • Substance volume tracking and reporting
  • Label generation
  • Workplace Safety Cards and instructions
  • Chemicals and inventory management
  • Accident and incident management
  • Document management
Easy to Configure and Customize

ExESS EH&S applications are easy to use and flexible to configure. Customize, modify or create screens and report templates or set-up custom approval and validation processes during formulation or document generation.

Built on Microsoft Technology

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, Lisam has developed its technology using Microsoft. NET. Being fully compatible with Microsoft Office products and tools makes the software easy to use, configure, modify and customize. A familiar working environment rapidly automates the entire process, and leads to an extremely quick implementation process.

Integration with ERP and Third Party Systems

ExESS provides a powerful, open strategy for integrating with customer and third party content. The software allows for real-time API integration with a broad range of enterprise systems, and batch integration with built-in integration tools. Lisam’s customers evidence the successful integration of ExESS with many different ERP systems including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics/Navision, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft, Oracle, ProcessPro and others, as well as in-house ERP systems.

Choice of Integrated Regulatory Content Providers

Lisam Systems offers a wide variety of cost effective, integrated regulatory content options, such as Lisam OEL lists, EU GHS and REACH libraries, and US State/Federal lists. One key differentiator is that Lisam also offers clients the choice of fully integrated third party regional libraries, including BIG for the EU, JCDB for Japan, SRICI for China, or ChemADVISOR’s LOLI® for global content. All options include automated “push button” content updates.